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Who we are

Polimer Processors srl

is a company that has been involved in the production and trade of masterbatches for over 30 years. We make thermoplastic polymers for all sectors. Our masters are applied on the basis of different materials such as PVC, TPU, ABAS, PP, PS, TR, SAN, PMMA, NYLON 6, etc. and the productions are supervised by the owners themselves, who operate directly on the various stages of production.
In addition, we also carry out work on behalf of the customer, on materials such as TPU, PVC, ABS, PS, PP. Our finished product, then, is used in all sectors, from footwear to toys, housewares, technical items, lighting, electronic equipment, right up to household appliances.

Thermoplastic Polymers

Thermoplastic polymers are not born already colored: to obtain the desired color, special concentrations of pigments are prepared, selected to adapt to the different polymers to which particular special effects are added for the many applications, also creating colors and shades on specific request.
Our polymers are applied on the basis of different materials: PVC, TPU, ABS, PP, PS, TR, SAN, PMMA, NYLON 6

Production phases of masterbatches

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